Corporate Wellness

Erin teaches corporate fitness, yoga, meditation, relaxation, and stress-reduction classes. She is also a team member of AGF Wellness and is available to create a wellness program for your company, no matter how big or small. She, along with her partner Andrew Gavigan, can organize healthy seminars, as well as fun and educational events for you and your staff. AGF Wellness is currently employed at over 8 major companies in Southern California and are available for out of state services.


Here are some of the advantages of Workplace Wellness Programs:


1. Healthier, happier employees

2. Less sick days

3. Increased productivity

4. Increased ROI


Please contact Erin or Andrew for more information.




"Erin's holistic healing in our corporate wellness program is amazing!!! She understands each student's strengths and weaknesses. Her personalized training sessions have helped us stay healthy and balanced.  My energy levels and productivity at work have skyrocketed!" ~ N. Hoang, 46, male. Media engineer, Hollywood, CA






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